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Global Health Psychiatry, LLC is a company that focuses on empowering communities through mental health and wellness. We are psychiatrists who we uniquely trained as medical physicians and are also distinctively aware of the how people think and approach their work environments.

Often companies will have the best of intentions, and spend hours of planning, but miss the key issue of how human behavior and unconscious thoughts impact the workplace and the delivery of services. Developing and empowering a safe and effective workplace to grow and not be idle during stressful life changing events will enhance productivity and the creative spirit for continual growth.

Why is Emotional Safety Important?

Every employee is an individual with their own vantage points and unique needs. So often, due to the work environment employees are not being heard. Their viewpoints are not expressed which in turn causes disagreements and poor productivity. The issue that promotes a lack of communication is because employees don’t feel safe in expressing how they feel.

The plan was great, but the execution was poor.Well what happened?

Why did the project fail or not get the expected results?

The result of poor internal communication is that everyone does not buy in. Lack of empathy and understanding impairs growth. Emotional safety is key. For example, without safety both mentally and physically during the pandemic of race and virus, companies will be ill-prepared to face challenges in the workplace.

Why is Racial Awareness important during the Pandemic?

Global Health Psychiatry serves to bridge the gap between employees and their awareness of race and culture during the COVID pandemic and racial crises. Understanding issues of race and illness has come to the forefront of American society. The year of 2020 has made companies come to realize that their past training on diversity and inclusion has left them woefully unprepared for today’s climate. This disconnect is causing difficulties within management levels, throughout all employee levels and individual work spaces. This also leaves employees without being versed in the current climate in dealings with the company and the public. The workplace is a microcosm of the rest of society.

What must companies do NOW?

  • Be prepared for the 20th century work environment
  • Recognizing cultural change in the workplace
  • Increase racial understanding and training
  • Promote self-care with employees
  • Manage risks in the workplace
  • Retain a diverse talent group

What are Steps to Emotional Connectedness?

  • Decrease combativeness (us versus them)
  • Recognizing and processing fear and loss
  • Understand normal healthy emotions
  • Embrace change and adaptation
  • Practicing the “Golden Rule”
  • Turning emotion into action

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Developing and empowering a safe and effective workplace to grow and not be idle during stressful life-changing events will enhance productivity and the creative spirit for continual growth. Let’s work together to get results!

Keeping Sane during the COVID Crises and Racial Unrest: A Talk on Employee Wellness/ Sage Pharmaceuticals/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ Training/ 2020

COVID, Wellness and Return to the Workplace/Brooklyn, NY District Attorney’s Office/ GHP Team/ Webinar/ 2020

The Power of One, Brooklyn, NY District Attorney’s Office/ GHP Team/ Webinar/ 2020

What is Behind the Increasing Suicide Rate Among Black Youth?/ NAMI National Convention (Webinar)/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ 2020

Suicide in the Black Community: Black Youth (Webinar)/ National Convention/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ National Medical Association/ 2020

Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Mental Health for Churches and the Re-openings of Schools/ Brazoria, TX (Webinar)/ GHP Team/ 2020 (Community Event)

Pathways to Wellness, African-American Technical Assistance Training Program/ Alameda County, CA, Medical Department Staff, Provider Wellness During Challenging Times/ 2020 (Training)

Pathways to Wellness, The COVID-19 Impact on African-American Communities, Alameda County/ 2020 (Training)

Keeping Sane During the COVID Crisis: An Address to the International Brotherhood, Participants Liberia, Africa, Bahamian Islands/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ 2020 (Training)

Depression and the Increased Suicide Rate of African American Children/ San Antonio, TX/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ 2019 (Speaker)

Pressures of Success While Navigating Difficult Environments/Las Vegas, NV/ Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. MD/ 2019

Mental Health Discussion for Churches and Safety in Reopening Schools/Greater Mount Zion Church/GHP members/July 20, 2020 (Community Events)


Trauma and the Impact on Black Communities/8 Hour Professional Development Training/African American Training and Technical Assistance Program/BHR Corporation/Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/June 26, 2020 (Curriculum)

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Mental Health of Children and Families During COVID-19/Zoom Event/GHP Team/April 29, 2020 (Community Event)

Your Mind Matters During COVID-19/Zoom Event/GHP Team/April 28, 2020 (Community Event)

Sigma Small Talks: COVID-19 Health and Wellness Webinar/Nu Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated/Chapter President: Rashon Howard/Director of Social Action: Wilbur Childs, MHS/Delane Casiano, MD/March 17, 2020 (Community Event)

Empowering Individuals through Mental Health Education and Community Action/Black History Month Program/Bethel Community Church of Pottstown/Program Coordinator: Katherine Taylor/Founder and Senior Pastor: Dr. Vernon Ross/Delane Casiano, MD/February 16, 2020 (Community Event)

Facilitating New Conversations with Our Children/Black History Month Program/Jack and Jill, Incorporated/The Greater Essex County Chapter/Co-Presenter: Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/February 9, 2020 (Community Event)

Facilitating New Conversations with Our Patients: A Discussion of “Mind Matters” Concepts/ Keynote Address: The Behavioral Health Service Retreat: “Health Disparities and Cultural Competency”/ The Corporal Michael J. Crescenz Veterans Affairs Medical Center/ Philadelphia Hospital/ Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/December 4, 2019 (Training)

Childhood Trauma and Learning: What We Know and What We Can Do/ 3 Hour In-Service Training/ School District of Philadelphia/ Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/ December 3, 2019 (Training)

A Mental Health Round Table: Demystifying and Unlocking the Mystery of Mental Health/Texas Southern University/Kappa Alpha Psi-Beta Epsilon Chapter/Dr. Napoleon Higgins/ November 9, 2019 (Community Event)

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Atlanta Book Tour Live at The Shrine of the Black Madonna/GHP Team/September 14, 2019 (Community Event)

Atlanta Book Signing Happy Hour at The Gathering Spot/Meet the Authors/GHP Team/September 13, 2019 (Community Event)

Collaborative Conversations: Mental Health Awareness/Small Group Discussion/Embodied Wisdom- Founder Starlette Marshall/Delane Casiano, MD/August 3, 2019 (Community Event)

Mental Health and Wellness: Special Considerations for African American Women/Presentation for The Links, Incorporated, South Jersey (NJ) Chapter/Delane Casiano, MD/ Karriem Salaam, MD/May 9, 2019 (Community Event)

Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities/Workshop for Leadership Conference/Tri-State Leadership Conference/Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated/Delane Casiano, MD; Teo-Carlo Straun, MD/March 23, 2019 (Community Event)

Preparing Our Patients for Behavioral Health Treatments in Integrated Care Settings/3 Hour In-Service Training/11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University/Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/February 27, 2019 (Training)

Preparing Our Patients for Mental Health Treatments/Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services (DBHIDS)/Delane Casiano, MD; Karriem Salaam, MD/February 6, 2019 (Training)

Discussion on Cultural Factors in Integrated Mental Health and Primary Care/11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University/Delane Casiano, MD/November 14, 2018 (Training)

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Book Signing and Discussion/Co-hosted with Karriem Salaam, MD/Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books/Delane Casiano, MD/October 29, 2018 (Community Event)

Let’s Talk about the Mental: A Community Mental Health Forum/SHON Experience/Frances Myers Rec Center/Delane Casiano, MD/October 19, 2018 (Community Event)

Women’s Panel Discussion on Spiritual Wellness/St. Paul’s Baptist Church/Delane Casiano, MD/April 27, 2018 (Community Event)

It’s a State of Mind: Mental Health and Wellness/Delane Casiano, MD/St. Paul’s Baptist Church/March 24, 2018 (Community Event)

Finding Balance: Strategies to Overcome the Holiday Blues/St. Paul’s Baptist Church/Delane Casiano, MD/December 13, 2018 (Community Event)