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Bree’s Journey to Joy

A Story About Childhood Grief And Depression

Bree is a beautiful, intelligent girl who excels at science until she was faced with the tragic loss of her Nana during COVID, which left her feeling sad and hopeless. Through her family’s love and support and with her doctor’s help, she restored her joyful, loving, energetic spirit.

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Is your workplace stressed due to the current events? Stress, intense discussions of race, and risk factors of exposure to COVID-19 are factors currently impacting workforce health. Find out more on how to empower your company through mental health and wellness. To get more information and a free consultation with a specialist, please click below.

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Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities

We at Global Health Psychiatry are committed to engaging, educating, and empowering communities of color for the purposes of achieving and sustaining mental wealth and wellness.


A Mindset. A Mission. A Movement.

Global Health Psychiatry, LLC is an organization that focuses on the entire individual and the factors in life that surrounds the person. Oftentimes psychiatry and mental health focuses on the mental health professionals and not enough on the patient, caregivers and families impacted by mental illness. GHP attempts to bridge the gap between the community and mental health professionals and treatment.